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Stem Cell Orthopedics

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NBC Daytime Interviews Dr. Walter

NBC’s “Daytime” interviews Dr. Mark Walter, M.D about the exciting new field of Stem Cell Orthopedics.

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Stem Cell Orthopedics

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“There can be no more powerful or better medicine than unleashing the force for self-healing that lies within each patient. Stem cells are that healing force!”

-M. Walter M.D.


Dr. Walter has recently published his new book STEM CELL ORTHOPEDICS: A Primer on Regenerative Orthopedics

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Do you have joint pain, back pain, neck pain or some other orthopedic problem or injury that is not getting better? Are you interested in leading-edge technology that can heal most orthopedic and musculoskeletal problems faster and better than standard approaches and avoid the need for surgery?

 Welcome to Stem Cell Orthopedics. The regenerative approach represents an elegant, minimally invasive way to help your body heal many common orthopedic problems and causes of chronic pain of musculoskeletal origin. The connective tissues comprised of ligaments, tendons, joint capsules and the myofascia are often the key to solving these issues and regenerative injection therapies of Prolotherapy with dextrose, Platelet Rich Plasma and Stem cells are in many cases, the simplest and most direct way to fix these problems.

Stem Cell Orthopedics is not magic and cannot solve all problems. However it is good medicine and can restore quality of life to many. I invite you to explore this exciting new field and see how Stem Cell Orthopedics can help you and those you care for. There is hope for a simple answer!

We now have the technology to use your own stem cells to heal many common orthopedic problems faster and better than surgery. With a single treatment we have a better than 80% success rate with problems such as Osteoarthritis of the knee or hip (even bone-on-bone), Rotator cuff, chronic back pain, sports injuries and many other conditions. The whole treatment is done in about 4 hours at our state-of-the-art facility and is minimally invasive and very safe.

Since abdominal fat is by far the most plentiful source of mesenchymal stem cells (far more than in bone marrow) we only use stem cells from the patient’s own fat. We gently collect about 60-120 cc’s of belly fat with a mini-liposculpting procedure done in our very own offices. We then isolate the stem cells and mix them with growth factors from your blood. The stem cells are then injected in just the right spots to regenerate and heal the affected joint(s) and surrounding ligaments and tendons.

We can’t really predict how fast patients will see improvement but it is not uncommon to see quite dramatic results even within a week or two. The stem cells will remain alive for several months and patients will continue to build new tissue and heal for that period. Once the structures are rebuilt there is every reason to believe that the improvements should be long-lasting.

There is very little downtime after a treatment. Patients will generally be a little sore for a few days but should be able to resume normal activities very quickly

STEM CELLS are the medicine of the future. When properly prepared and applied, stem cells can achieve some pretty amazing results. Please visit our video/testimonial page to see some patient success stories.

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NBC “Daytime” interviews Dr. Walter about Stem Cell Orthopedics
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Stem Cells – An Extraordinary Solution

As a physician who has specialized in Prolotherapy and Regenerative Orthopedics for the last 20 years I have been injecting and rebuilding joints, ligaments and tendons for thousands of patients. However, stem cells are a game changer. With this new technology our ability to rebuild joints has increased tremendously.


“You can influence and change a person from the outside but transformation comes from the inside. Pharmaceuticals and surgery can change and impact a person’s health from the outside. Stem cells can transform a person’s health from within. ”

-M. Walter M.D.

Minimally Invasive

The stem cell procedure is minimally invasive, very safe and takes about three to four hours. There is very little downtime after the treatment and significant improvements are often seen within the first week or two. Stem cells will remain active for about six months. As they do their magic, the improvements and benefits tend to be cumulative and long-lasting. Generally, a single treatment will solve the issue at hand.

Stem cells, if prepared and injected properly, are an incredibly effective therapy. For optimal results with Orthopedic problems you require two things. First, you need the highest potency stem cell preparation possible. Second, you need a skilled and experienced injection specialist who can correctly diagnose the primary pain generators that are the root-cause of the problem and inject the stem cells at precisely the right locations.

Dr. Mark Walter

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