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Foot & Ankle Problems

Foot and ankle problems are commonly due to damaged or stretched connective tissue structures.

In Plantar fasciitis the insertions of ligaments under the foot are stretched, irritating the nerve endings at these points and causing pain. I usually recommend soft orthotics (arch supports), massaging the damaged areas with a golf ball on a carpet and Prolo to rebuild the damaged insertions. As is the rule with connective tissue problems cortisone injections are contraindicated as are anti-inflammatories such as Alleve or Ibuprofen.

In Achilles tendonitis the Achilles tendon on the heel is stretched. Cortisone injections are dangerous because there is a high incidence of rupture. I usually recommend mild heel lift to take the pressure off plus Prolo to stimulate healing of the damaged insertions.

Recurrent ankle weakness and sprains are not uncommon. Prolo can target the affected regions and rebuild the damaged structures. The surgical approach to ankle weakness does not have a very good track record and, in my view, should be kept as a last resort in case Prolo is not successful.

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