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Sports Injuries

One of the most useful applications of stem cells and PRP is for all types of sport-induced injuries. The regenerative injection approach excels at fixing the ligament and tendon sprains and strains that can be so problematic for sports people.

Over the years we have treated all sorts of sports-related injuries. The most common sports-related injuries we see include knee problems, rotator cuff and low back issues but we can address almost any region of the body. In general we can successfully resolve about 85% of cases with regenerative injections.

The wonderful thing about the regenerative injection approach is there is very little down time with the therapies and usually the athlete can continue their sport while they are being treated. If the patient has the time and doesn’t mind waiting a month or two for resolution, in many cases two or three sessions of PRP by itself may fix the problem. For more serious, long-standing problems and/or if the patient wants to heal and get back to full functioning faster, stem cell with PRP are recommended.

With stem cells we can address even more serious injuries and we recommend that athletes would fully explore regenerative approaches before they consider surgical alternatives. In Regenerative Orthopedics our goal is to rebuild the underlying structure that is damaged. Once we are successful at rebuilding that structure the pain problem should be solved and athletes should be able to return to full functioning. Although there is no guarantee that the athlete will not reinjure the same structure, we expect that once healing has occurred, results should be long-lasting.

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