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Testimonials for Stem Cell Therapy

NBC “Daytime” interview

Dr. Walter, M.D. on “The View”

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Stem Cells for Knee Arthritis

Lee 74 yo male, stem cells for knees and shoulder. He describes his experience in detail

Lee is a 74 year old gentleman who had stem cell therapy for his knees and shoulder. He is now 1 month after his treatment and reports a 90% improvement.

Erik K., a 70 year old retired engineer, 2 weeks after his stem cell therapy for arthritis of both knees
Stem Cells give a great result with Severe Knee Arthritis
Jody is an active 60 year old patient who had severe OA of the right knee. This video is taken two weeks after her Stem Cell Therapy. She reports an 80% improvement thus far.
Carol is a 65 year old lady who recently had stem cell therapy for both knees.
89 year old lady with arthritis of both knees. Had complete pain relief with stem cell therapy after one month.
Monika is a patient who came from Germany for Stem Cell Therapy for both Knees. This video was taken 24 hours after her therapy. She has already noticed a significant improvement.
Jackie is a retired nurse who had stem cell therapy for knee arthritis, thumb pain and low back pain 4 weeks previous to this video. She reports 50-100% pain relief.

Stem Cells for Shoulders & Back

Stem Cells for Low Back Pain

Erik K., 2 weeks after stem cell therapy for Chronic Low Back Pain

Stem Cells for Rotator Cuff

Stem Cells for Neck Pain

This patient had stem cells for long-standing neck pain. She reports a 70% improvement after 4 months

Stem Cells for Hip Arthritis

This 64 year old lady had stem cell therapy for the right hip about 6 months prior to this video. She reports a 70% improvement and has been able to return to playing tennis.
This 65 year old lady had stem cells for her hip arthritis. She reports a significant improvement 3 days after the therapy.
Armentia had a 6 month follow-up and now has a 10 month follow-up showing continued improvement.
Tennis athlete talks about Dr. Walter’s unique skill that keeps her coming back for regenerative therapy

Other Happy Patients…

This 89 year old lady had stem cell therapy for COPD one month prior to this video. She reports a 50% improvement in her breathing after a single treatment.
This gentleman had stem cell therapy for long-standing thumb pain/arthritis. Two weeks after his therapy he reports an 80% improvement. He is delighted with the results.

Elizabeth C., Sarasota
After seeing my Orthopedic surgeon, he diagnosed moderate to severe “bone-on-bone” knee arthritis in both knees and recommended that I have bilateral knee replacement. I decided to look into and research Stem Cell Therapy, which I had been interested in for sometime.

As a “Snowbird” wintering in the Sarasota area, I began looking locally and luckily found Dr. Mark Walter MD and attended one of his free seminars. After attending the seminar and meeting his wonderful staff I felt I had found my healers. After attending the seminar I was offered a complimentary consult and it was all “systems go” from the very first appointment.

One week later I was having my stem cell procedure and felt I was in the hands of wonderful professionals. Within a week of my treatment my severe “bone-on-bone” knee pain dropped 75%! It is common knowledge not all things work for all people, but it has definitely worked for me and furthermore, by following Dr. Walter’s after-procedure instructions, I have continued to improve.

When I saw Dr. Walter he not only did my knees but also treated my neck, lower back and right shoulder. I am pleased to say all the areas have showed marked improvement. I had been receiving steroid shots in my shoulder which I no longer need. Thank you Dr. Walter and staff for a job well done. I am well on my way to a rejuvenated life! My quality of life is restored and I am grateful for this wonderful life.

Dear Dr. Walter, Several years ago I was diagnosed with severe hip arthritis. The x-ray showed that the hip was practically fused with the pelvis. The only option my Orthopedic surgeon offered me was hip replacement. Then I heard about the stem cell therapy that you offered. You injected my hip and pelvis area with stem cells and PRP and 6 weeks later you gave me a PRP booster. I am delighted to report that I have almost no pain and my walking has greatly improved. Thank you Dr. Walter and your team for solving my problem without surgery. Miracles do happen! You certainly are the best in your field. Thank you.

Thank you Dr. Walter for curing my shoulder with stem cells. You have “magic hands” and seem to know just where to put the injections to heal the problem. Your staff was wonderful. Thank you.

DR. Walter, I want to thank you for the stem cell therapy on my two knees. My left knee was particularly painful with walking. The x-ray showed bone-on-bone arthritis and I really did not want a knee replacement. Over a three-week period after the shots my knees improved dramatically and, for the first time in years, I was able to walk comfortably. We just got back from a vacation in the Caribbean and I was able to walk normally for the first time in years and enjoy myself. Thank you for giving me a new lease on life!

I injured my back while climbing in Europe. My Orthopedist did x-rays and an MRI and diagnosed disc bulges as the problem. Two steroid epidurals failed to relieve the pain and I was headed for spinal surgery when I consulted you. You diagnosed a severe pelvic strain as the primary pain generator and promptly recommended PRP injections as the treatment of choice. Considering the pain level I was skeptical but you came highly recommended by my wife who you had treated years before and I decided to proceed. After four sessions of PRP and two months later- I am delighted to report that I am now pain free. Unnecessary spinal surgery was avoided. What a great gift! Thank you Dr. Walter for your skill at diagnosing the true underlying cause of the pain and your pioneering work in Stem Cell Therapy and regenerative Orthopedics.

Susan C. Bradenton, FL.
Dear Dr. Walter,     I want to thank you for curing my tennis elbow and letting me get back to the game I enjoy so much. I have been singing your praises to all that will listen.

John E. Sarasota, FL.
Dear Dr. Walter, Prolotherapy is a “Godsend”. I am so pleased with the improvement in my shoulder after only two months of Prolotherapy treatment with you. When I came to see you I couldn’t lift my arm more than shoulder height and could barely sleep with the continuously throbbing pain. After six treatments with you I am very nearly 100% mobile and the discomfort has all but disappeared. Just unbelievable! Thank you, Dr. Walter, and please also thank Suzanna for her invaluable assistance. What a blessing.

R.F.S. Retired PhD.
I am a retired scientist who spent 30 years working for a major pharmaceutical company in various research positions including Director of Agricultural Research for Europe, including the then Soviet Union, the Middle East and East Africa, Director of Animal Science Research, Director of Animal Science Field Research World-Wide, and Research Advisor. I have published more than 60 peer-reviewed scientific papers on parasitic diseases of commercial animals, and developed a product to control parasitic diseases in poultry that captured 90% of the market in 6 months, in 1972, and is still in wide use throughout the world in poultry, turkeys, beef and dairy cattle. I came to Dr. Walter with a severe arthritic left knee, a painful right knee that had a previous total knee replacement, and non-diabetic peripheral neuropathy. After 6 prolotherapy treatments my left knee has improved by about 80%. Three prolotherapy treatments to the tendons above the right knee patella reduced the pain in the right knee by more than 60%. The use of Prologel along with ultrasound on my feet and lower legs has restored about 30% of the feeling that had been lost due to the neuropathy. I am continuing to use this self-treatment about three times a week. I recommend Dr. Walter’s prolotherapy for joint problems. It works!

Fred F. Sarasota, FL.
Dear Dr. Walter, I want to let you know how well Prolotherapy has worked for my knee problems. In February of 2010 I began to have chronic knee pain in my left knee. The pain was under the kneecap and toward the inside of the knee consistent with pain one might expect from cartilage damage. I had had cartilage removed from that knee 40 years ago. An X-ray of the knee confirmed some bone on bone contact. The pain continued to increase in frequency and intensity through March. I had to resort to using a pillow at night to adjust the position of my knee to minimize discomfort during sleeping hours. I could still play tennis, but the pain was definitely noticeable before and after playing. I explored the possibilities for treatment including knee replacement. Two tennis-playing friends who had similar problems with their knees had had successful results after you treated them with Prolotherapy. I was impressed and decided that this avenue of therapy was definitely worth a try. Knee replacement is strictly a last resort and involves considerable expense, time for recovery, and pain. I received my first set of injections to the knee in April and this was followed by 2 succeeding injections over a 3 week period. The pain I was experiencing was virtually gone 24-48 hours after the first injection. The pain had totally disappeared after the second injection and I needed no further injections after the third injection. I attribute this rapid response to the fact that I went immediately to Prolotherapy while my knee was still relatively healthy. This seems to countermand the usual advice one gets from orthopedic surgeons who advise that one should wait until the knee is so bad that you cannot stand the pain anymore. Then they will replace the knee. I have been pain free and playing tennis 5 days a week since my last treatment one month ago. This course of therapy should be considered by patients with similar problems regardless of whether insurance covers the expense or not. In my estimation the cost is insignificant compared to the risk and potential complications of knee replacement surgery.

Mrs. P.E
I have had chronic backpain for 13 years after a car accident. The pain was severe, almost constant and burning and stabbing in quality. Over the years I went to see 15 doctors with the problem including my primary care doctor, orthopedists, neurologists, a neurosurgeon and a pain specialist. I even went to a psychiatrist who told me the pain was all in my head. Then I found Dr. Walter. After two sessions of Prolotherapy regenerative injections two weeks apart my pain went from a level 10 to level two in intensity. Furthermore the burning quality would leave after each treatment for at least two weeks. After the sixth treatment, I didn’t have burning for six weeks. After Four months and eight sessions later I am 85% improved. I thank God for Dr. Walter and his healing skills.

Julia W. Sarasota, FL.
I am very happy I found Dr. Walter. I am pain free after having my back, neck and hip worked on. I would recommend Prolotherapy to anyone with pain. Do not wait. It needs to be done as soon as possible. It has been four years since I had my Prolo. No pain, no problems-Great results.

Jeanne S. Sarasota, FL.
Dear Dr. Walter, I am so excited this morning and wanted to tell you about it! After 12 years and three spinal surgeries (two lumbar and one cervical) I was left exactly where I started, without relief. Well I had my second prolotherapy session yesterday and when I woke up at 3 AM I immediately thought something was different. I did not have pain in my back or down the leg. At first I thought I had gone to heaven and then realized that I was still here. I got out of bed and walked around just to be sure and srill no pain. I am now at work and have NOT yet taken a pain killer. I just had to share my happiness with you this morning. Thank you! You are truly a blessing in my life.

Dr. Mark Walter M.D.

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