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Wrist & Carpal Tunnel

Our success rate with wrist pain is over 85%. For more severe cases stem cells are indicated but in many cases PRP alone might work quite well. The vast majority of wrsit pain comes from sprained ligaments. To my mind, regenerative injections is the only reasonable way to fix this.

One patient had severe pain for years and had tried splints and been to the best hand surgeons in the country. She was almost at the point of retiring from her Nursing career because she couldn’t function. It took four or five sessions of PRP but she improved dramatically. She is now pain free and able to function normally. Last I heard she had returned to scuba diving and was heading for the Caribbean.

As usual the only way to confirm that a patient is a good candidate is with a detailed palpation exam. Arnica gel often helps and can be applied several times per day. Pharmaceutical anti-inflammatories should be avoided, as should steroid injections.

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